Environmental control rooms and cabinets

Environmental control solutions engineered by Biora are offered in a range of walk-in and reach-in configurations for plant science, agricultural and biotechnology applications. Enjoy the benefits of innovative functionality, versatility and the replication of any environmental condition within a secure and robust shell.

Biora by MineARC Systems offers a consultative design process enabling clients to have control over all aspects of their controlled environment solution. Explore our range via application or configuration to learn more about how Biora can be of value to your next project.

Applications supported by Biora

Tissue culture chambers are designed to facilitate plant research by providing uniform environmental conditions.

Plant quarantine facilities enable the safe introduction of new germplasm by preventing the presentation of destructive pests and diseases.

Plant growth chambers are capable of catering towards a range of agricultural applications, from food cultivation to research studies.

Pharmacology laboratories are cleanroom facilities designed to enable the development of medicines and alternative therapies. 

Biora Services and Capabilities

With a global engineering team on side, we have the ability to customise any Biora product to suit the technical requirements of each project. Clients can rely on our in-house expertise in mechanical, electrical and software engineering, as well as our industry experience to deliver innovative solutions.

We are here to help. Our friendly support centre is contactable seven days a week; providing step-by-step assistance to isolate problem areas and support your team. Ensure your assets continue to run uninterrupted with our Biora service program. 

Latest News

Cultivating Psilocybin Mushroom Breakthroughs with Little Green Pharma & Biora

With the updated classification of medicinal psilocybin (Medicinal mushrooms) and MDMA in Australia effective since 1 July 2023, specifically authorised psychiatrists are now able to prescribe these substances for certain mental health conditions.

Biora offers tools to help many sectors reach their organisational goals. The Little Green Pharma – RMS (LGP) project needed a multi-room walk-in cleanroom designed by the client and a cleanroom professional. GMP compliance was necessary for the chamber.

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Biora by MineARC Systems

MineARC Systems is the global leader in refuge chambers and safety technologies for the underground miningtunnellingchemical processing and disaster relief industries. 

With over 20 years’ experience in the field, our dedication to ongoing research and development has kept us at the forefront of safe refuge technology. Our successful capabilities in creating controlled environments for industrial safety has led to the development of the Biora range; applying our proven technologies and expertise to the specific needs of the biotechnology and agricultural industries.

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