Biora Client Support

Our support services go beyond service maintenance; with a strong focus on client support, Biora by MineARC has offices and manufacturing facilities across the globe. MineARC Systems is able to provide clients with 24-hour global support on custom design projects, commissioning and servicing.

Regular servicing and maintenance checks on your controlled environment will help ensure your unit is kept in optimal working condition and in turn, your project is not impacted by equipment faults. 

Types of Support

We are here to help. Our friendly support centre is contactable seven days a week; providing step-by-step assistance to isolate problem areas and support your team. Ensure your assets continue to run uninterrupted with our Biora service program. 

Engineering and Testing of Controlled Environments Biora

Engineering and Testing

With a global engineering team on side, we have the ability to customise any Biora product. Clients can rely on our in-house expertise in mechanical, electrical and software engineering, as well as our industry experience to deliver innovative solutions.

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