Plant Quarantine facilities

Plant quarantine facilities enable the safe introduction of new germplasm by preventing the presentation of destructive pests and diseases of plants.

Biora quarantine facilities include dedicated greenhouses and controlled environment temperature rooms that can be designed in either a portable drop-in or modular built-in solution.

Biora works closely with clients to ensure quarantine activities are conducted in accordance with relevant guidelines and legislations. 

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Plant Quarantine Portable Rooms

Plant quarantine is an important element of any country’s biosecurity measures.

Post-entry quarantine refers to the inspection of plants and seeds intended for planting or propagation; where pests and diseases that are difficult to detect may lay dormant. In order to prevent the spread of these to native flora, they are cultivated in isolation within a quarantine facility; where specific requirements are met for a certain period of time.

Quarantine chambers are utilised for a number of applications including:

  • Post-entry plant quarantine (PEPQ) of low and medium risk nursery stock and seeds of horticultural ornamentals, pulses, cereals and some grasses
  • PEPQ of plants for propagation and multiplication for research or release, laboratory use of plant tissues, biological cultures, soils and nucleic acids
  • Research or horticultural purposes such as crossing and pollination
  • Mandatory pathogen screening for significant quarantine pests and diseases
  • Cleaning or treating plant consignments that have failed government inspection due to soil or prohibited seed contamination

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