Germination Chambers

Germination chambers are designed for the rapid planting, seeding and growth of plants used in scientific experiments.

Providing the optimum environment for seedling production can decrease germination time, improve uniformity and increase the number of seeds that germinate.

The critical factors for germination are moisture, oxygen, temperature and light. Seeds do best when kept uniformly moist but not drenched, to avoid mould. Striking this balance can be a challenge, however utilising a germination chamber provides better air flow, more constant humidity and temperature controls.

Biora Germination Chambers are able to finely manipulate these important elements across our range of reach-in cabinets and walk-in rooms. 

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For growers that need more space, a Biora Germination Room is the ideal solution.  Add growth capacity and space to your facility with a portable room that does not require civil works on site. 

Available in a range of sizes, from 240L to 1400L, Biora Reach-In Germination Chambers come with stainless steel shelving, as well as a range of premium lighting options. 

Seed Germination

Seed germination is defined as the fundamental process by which plants grow from a single seed into a plant. Sometimes referred to as “popping” the seed, it is the very first stage of growth. Generally, this requires warm temperatures and moisture.

Many factors such as seed age, quality and environment can impact the germination process; ultimately impacting both yield and quality of a crop.

A seed germination chamber can greatly improve the efficiency and uniformity of the seed germination process.

While any controlled environment (for example, a greenhouse) will improve germination conditions, a specifically designed germination chamber is widely considered the best way to rear high quality and uniform plants in the shortest time.

There are four major factors that impact seed germination:

  1. Moisture- provides seeds with hydration and oxygen, and helps to soften the seed coat to increase successful germination
  2. Oxygen – dissolved in water, provides a source of energy for the plant, until such time as the plant can grow leaves
  3. Temperature- optimal media temperature is required for germination to start is usually between 25-30c, although some plants prefer low or higher temperatures
  4. Lighting – can act as an environmental trigger for the germination process

A closed loop seed rearing chamber or cabinet is designed specifically to manipulate the environment conditions to optimise the seed rearing process.


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