Service and maintenance

We are here to help, 24/7.

Contact our friendly support centre seven days a week for troubleshooting assistance, chamber commissioning, and general maintenance support. 


Commissioning is a quality-focused process designed to ensure the controlled environment has been properly installed and is in good working order post-delivery.

Conducted by one of our Biora experts, commissioning addresses the following critical areas:

  • Verify correct installation and position of the unit
  • Ensure connection to power and water (as required)
  • Conduct personnel training on the operation of the unit
  • Coordination of recommended maintenance schedule

MineARC representatives are available to provide commissioning services on all projects. 


Our team is on hand to provide step-by-step assistance to isolate problem areas and support your team with the resources and information needed.

Troubleshooting equipment can be addressed through monitoring technology, utilising MineARC’ expertise or upskilling your own personnel.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and diagnostics systems provide automated insights into the behaviour of refuge chambers. The Biora HMI is an independent system that continuously monitors a chamber’s vital operating systems. By observing these critical components in real-time, the source of a problem, which may otherwise be difficult to detect, can be more easily identified and rectified.

Utilising Our Expertise

MineARC’s Biora engineers and skilled service technicians can if permissions are granted, remotely view chamber data, through the Biora HMI, to assist with problem-solving. Help is available to assist maintenance personnel with problems that have yet to be identified, providing peace of mind. Although off-site, staff can contact a Biora expert, who can obtain data from the Biora HMI through shared screenshots or remotely accessing the network, and apply their knowledge to the shared information to identify a solution. Remotely accessing the data provided by Biora HMI is shown to reduce maintenance costs dramatically.

If you require assistance or have a query contact our service team.


Protect your capital investment with MineARC’s Service Program.

As with most forms of complex machinery, Biora Controlled Environments require regular servicing to maintain optimum performance. Without servicing, vital operational componentry may become compromised  over time. 

Our global service team are here to help make servicing easy. Our After Sales Support Team are on call seven days a week to answer your questions and provide solutions to your problems. Out in the field, our qualified service technicians are available to travel to your premises in order to perform a fully comprehensive  service.

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