Germination Reach-in Chambers

Germination Reach-In Chambers by Biora are available in a range of sizes, from 240 – 1400L; providing complete control over environmental conditions.

Stainless steel shelves with glass covers and LED lights are available to order based on application and tier quantity requirements.

The 500L model provides a unique addition of LED wall plates, providing excellent uniformity via the vertical lighting.

Biora Reach In Chamber 3 1400.938 edit


HMI Control System

The industry-leading control system allows for intuitive programming and optional remote, web-based management. Enjoy real-time monitoring of all control processes, with the ability to access 12 months worth of historical data. The high resolution, user-friendly touch screen can also be customised with various levels of security to ensure your research is kept safe and secure at all times.
  • Web-based software with both local and remote access
  • Real-time monitoring of all control processes
  • Access to historical data
  • Over 50 customisable programs
  • Data export and import options
  • Push notifications based on custom alert settings
  • Data protection and security options
  • Customised HMI options and local engineering support
In addition to its remote capabilities, the control system can also be accessed by a user-friendly touch-screen HMI Panel, located on the face of each Biora Reach-In Chamber. Chamber status, historical data, alarms and programming can all be accessed and controlled via the HMI.

240L RIC

  • 2 tier, benchtop size
  • Exterior: 800W x 930D x 1360H
  • Growth area: 0.39m2 to 0.79m2
  • Growth height: 290mm to 600mm

480L RIC

  • 4 tier
  • Exterior: 900W x 950D x 1950H
  • Growth Area: 0.42m2 to 1.68m2
  • Growth Height: 250 to 1000mm

500L RIC


  • 4 tier
  • Exterior: 950W x 990D x 2000H
  • Growth Area: 0.36m2 to 1.44m2
  • Growth Height: 300 to 1200mm

600L RIC

  • 4 tier
  • Exterior: 900W x 1040D x 1950H
  • Growth Area: 0.46m2 to 1.80m2
  • Growth Height: 290 to 1240mm

700L Dual RIC

  • 1 tier
  • Exterior: 2100W x 1110D x 2030H
  • Growth Area: 1.0m2 
  • Growth Height: up to 700mm

800L RIC

  • 3 tier
  • Exterior: 1070W x 990D x 1950H
  • Growth area: 0.6m2 to 1.9m2
  • Growth height: 380mm to 1200mm

1200L RIC

  • 4 tier
  • Exterior: 1700W x 910D x 2070H
  • Growth Area: 1.0m2 to 4.1m2
  • Growth Height: 270mm to 1200mm

1400L RIC

  • 4 tier
  • Exterior: 2050W x 925D x 2075H
  • Growth Area: 0.9m2 to 3.8m2
  • Growth Height: 340mm to 1400mm

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