Built-In Walk-In Chambers

Built-In Walk-In Chambers provide an accurate and proven controlled environment solution that can be effectively used in:

Enjoy the benefits of innovative functionality, versatility, and replication of any environmental condition within a walk-in room that is built onsite using prefabbed sections. 

Built-In Walk-in Grow Chambers provide the agricultural and biotech industries with a flexible solution to their controlled environment requirements.

Built-In Walk-in Cleanrooms by Biora offer the most flexible and versatile way of designing a “room within a room” for high environmental control. 

What is a Built-In Chamber?

Biora built-in chambers are flat pack in design; allowing them to be shipped and constructed onsite within any existing decommissioned space. These built on-site chambers do not require a redundant green space; as such, site works are vastly reduced through the utilisation of existing services within the base building.

Suited for indoor locations where access is limited, they are adaptable in design; allowing for multiple rooms and sizes within a single facility.

Following a comprehensive design and consultation process with MineARC Engineers, our in-house team of specialised trades can build your walk-in chamber directly at your site.

Modular Grow Room

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