Engineering and Innovation

MineARC’s team of in-house, highly qualified Biora engineers span three continents to form a global network. Working from our manufacturing operations in Australia, South Africa and the United States, the team embodies a motivated and supportive culture who thrive on challenging projects.

MineARC’s success in the industry is achieved by listening closely to our clients’ requirements; allowing us to continue to develop products that are highly technical, yet user friendly.

Our Mechanical Engineers are all highly skilled in their fields and work both independently and in teams on a range of custom projects for clients. They are the nucleus of MineARC Systems; designing new products, providing technical assistance to clients, and liaising with industry bodies. The team is provided with the best software and resources available in order to facilitate their continual focus on product development and improvement.

MineARC Systems’ team of Electrical Designers are also available to consult on new and custom projects, as well as general site support and troubleshooting. MineARC’s Software Designers develop software, graphics and write code for Biora products such as the HMI and Control System.

MineARC’s global engineering team share skills, knowledge and research regularly, resulting in efficient problem resolution and strong idea generation. Working together as one border-less team means that our product is consistent around the world and Biora by MineARC Standards are always met.

Research and Development

As leaders in our field, MineARC Systems are highly focused on market research and product development, which has proven critical to keeping our Biora product range at the forefront of technology and design. Fostering a culture of innovation; we encourage the proposal of ideas to create more effective processes, products, and existing services. Our Innovation Committee works alongside internal and third-party personnel to design, build and implement the very best controlled environment solutions. 

Before a new product is developed, significant time is spent at the R&D stage. Our Innovation Committee is dedicated to continuous innovation; idea generation and problem resolution for the development of new products. Extensive product and market research are undertaken by the committee to ensure the viability of each new idea before it moves on to the product development phase.

The Innovation Committee implement a ‘Build-Measure-Learn’ feedback loop mentality company-wide, so we can learn what our clients want, rather than what we think they should want. This process incorporates a minimum viable product assessment approach, effectively receiving feedback faster to ensure we are developing the right product and process for our clients.

Collaboration Opportunities

We believe that the collaboration of ideas and resources result in the best outcomes. 

We are open to new concepts, with a willingness to work with individuals and companies to transform great ideas into viable solutions.

The Innovation Committee aims to work with viable partners to overcome common commercialisation obstacles and accelerate their launch into the market place.

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