Portable Walk-In Chambers

Portable Walk-In Chambers provide an accurate and proven controlled environment solution that can be effectively used in:

Enjoy the benefits of innovative functionality, versatility, and replication of any environmental condition within a walk-in room that is easy to transport and manoeuvre around site. 

Walk-In Grow Chambers by Biora provide the agricultural and biotech industries with a portable and flexible solution to controlled environment requirements.

Portable cleanrooms offer a moveable solution to any application that requires a high level of environmental control, including pharmaceutical and research.

Quarantine Facilities allow for live plant material imported from overseas to be screened for introduced pests and diseases that are detrimental to a region.

Custom Research Infrastructure, part of Biora’s Controlled Environments range, is an innovative solution to support strong, leading research initiatives.

What is a Portable (or Pre-Built) Walk-In Chamber?

A walk-in chamber is a large temperature and humidity controlled environment. These units provide adequate shelf space for a significant amount of samples to be accommodated; and conditions tend to be more stable than in a Reach-In Chamber. 

These portable rooms are pre-built at one of MineARC’s three manufacturing locations, then shipped to site ready for immediate use. 

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor locations (with enough access), the manoeuvrable design eliminates the hassle of onsite installation and certification.

The robust structure features insulated panelling; based on the expected external temperature in order to ensure it can maintain the required internal conditions.

Road transportable thanks to integrated lifting lugs; each chamber undergoes in-house analysis to ensure compliance with local building codes for lifting and roof loads.

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