Incubation Chambers

Incubation chambers are used to maintain and cultivate plant and microbiological cells.

Designed to provide a contaminant-free environment, they can replicate any temperature, humidity, lighting, pressure, and gas concentration within the internal atmosphere. 

Samples are fragile and often irreplaceable, making the performance and reliability of every Biora incubation chamber critical. 

Biora offers a range of chambers to suit individual incubation requirements and lab size. Via the links below, explore our various Rooms and Reach-In Chambers that offer proven features including outstanding temperature uniformity and stability.

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Incubation Rooms from Biora offer a portable, walk-in solution. These Walk-In Chambers offer institutions the ability to extend their research capabilities, whilst still meeting rigid lab requirements; without the need for civil construction.

Incubation Reach-In Chambers from Biora are available in a range of sizes, from 240L to 1400L. These RICs offer a selection of shelving, lighting and atmospheric control options to best suit the conditions required for any specific incubation application. 

Laboratory Incubation

Simply put, an incubator a chamber with a regulated temperature. Based on requirement, some incubators are also designed to regulate humidity, gas composition, or ventilation within the internal atmosphere. Whilst incubation chambers have undergone many  technological advances over the years, their main purpose has remained unchanged; to create a stable, controlled environment conducive to research, study, and cultivation.

Incubators allow researchers a wide range of capabilities, versatile enough to be used in animal tissue culture, bacteriology, virology, genetics, as well as the study of microbiological life such as embryos and entomology.

Successful incubation depends upon the environmental conditions, and the stability of these over a designated period of time.

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