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Explore Biora’s range of products across a variety of applications – from Tissue Culture, to Environment Testing, to Quarantine and beyond. All products are either manufactured by MineARC at one of our three ISO-accredited facilities; in Western Australia, Dallas and Johannesburg; or sourced from reputable suppliers across the globe. All Biora products are designed or selected based on four key principles; improved personnel safety, increased operational activities, better cost efficiencies and ease of application.

Explore Our Range of Add-Ons & Accessories

Agent939 LEDfx LED Grow Room Glasses angle

Eye Protection

The world’s first glasses formulated to balance and compensate for the unique spectrum of LED & HPS grow lights, whilst providing exceptional colour and clarity.

Biora Photo Lens Filters HPS and LED

Camera Lens Filters

Capture ‘perfect colour’ photos from within any grow room with HPS and LED lens filters. Compatible with any camera with a Cokin ‘P’ filter holder.

DYNA Large

LED Grow Lights

With over a decade’s worth of experience in researching plants and their relationship with light, Heliospectra know a thing or two about LED grow lights.

carbon dioxide CO2 removal scrubbing Biora Scrubber web

Carbon Dioxide Control

A compact air regeneration system that “purifies” carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air inside confined spaces; allowing complete control of CO2 levels.

RO Kit 100123.1468

Reverse Osmosis Water Recycling Kit

Takes excess water from the Reach-In Chamber drain outlet, purifies it, then adds it back to the humidifier


Handheld Spectrometer - Biora UPRtek PG200N

The Handheld Spectrometer PG200N by UPRtek provides plant reference spectrum for users to compare and compensate the necessary light wavelength required by each particular plant.

AuraPTNew web 1

Handheld CO2 Gas Detection - Aura-PT

The Aura-PT handheld digital gas monitor provides personnel with the ability to continuously monitor up to six gases.

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240L Reach-In Chambers

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