Built-In Walk-In Cleanrooms

Built-In cleanrooms by Biora offer the most flexible and versatile way of designing a “room within a room” for high environmental control. They cater to applications including manufacturing, scientific research, pharmaceutical and medical.

Biora Cleanrooms (also known as clean rooms or clean spaces) are engineered and manufactured to meet your unique conditions and required standard. With a range of established sizes and made-to-order designs to fit your application and configurations needs.

These built-onsite cleanrooms are prefabbed, then shipped and constructed onsite by a team of trained technicians. Suited for indoor locations where access is limited, they are modular in design; allowing for multiple rooms and sizes within a single facility.

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Built-In Cleanrooms

Biora built-in chambers are flat pack in design; allowing them to be shipped and constructed onsite within any existing decomissioned space. These built on-site chambers do not require a redundant green space; as such, site works are vastly reduced through the utilissation of existing services within the base building. Suited for indoor locations where access is limited, they are adaptable in design; allowing for multiple rooms and sizes within a single facility. Following a comprehensive design and consultation process with MineARC Engineers, our in-house team or your own specialised trades can build your walk-in chamber directly at your site.


  • Standard skid width of 3.5m (11.5’)
  • Custom length and height
  • Configuration and specification options include: Grow room, Cleanroom, Greenhouse, Quarantine Facility
  • Custom internal layouts including: Single bay, Double bay, Multi-room
  • Research-grade upgrades available

Standard Cleanrooms Features

  • Portable and built-in options that allow expansion over time
  • Multi-room or zone options based on requirements
  • Specialized temperature and humidity control
  • Cleanroom-grade insulated paneling
  • Cleanroom-grade internal paneling, designed to withstand cleaning chemicals and agents
  • HEPA filters
  • Heavy-duty, bio-security, anti-static vinyl flooring
  • Concealed ducting and electrical within ceiling – accessible via external panels
  • Minimisation of right angles and horizontal surfaces
  • Drop seal on doors, with a positively pressurized interior; preventing contamination ingress
  • Rugged external structure, allowing manoeuvrability and placement outdoors


Cleanroom ISO EU CGMP Portable Pure Healing Drying Racks


Internal External 2

Major Considerations


Mitra X

Mitra X Featuring a modular design, an innovative cooling solution, and IP67 dust and water resistance, MITRA X is any growers dream come true. Designed to work both indoors and in greenhouses, MITRA X is available in a host of different modules and spectral options making it the most versatile and efficient LED grow light on the market.


HELIOCORE HelioCORE takes the guess work out of advanced lighting control. Apply custom lighting strategies, make adjustments based on predictive algorithms and enjoy complete control over intensities and spectra from any type of device.


ELIXIA ELIXIA is an essential tool for any greenhouse or indoor operation seeking to deliver superior crop quality. Featuring up to four tuneable wavelengths, variable light intensities, and exceptional build quality, ELIXIA allows you to apply crop-specific lighting strategies via primary and secondary optic lens plates.


DYNA Featuring nine individually controlled wavelengths ranging from 380nm (UVA) to 735nm (Far-Red), DYNA is without question the worlds most flexible LED grow light. Designed with plant scientists in mind and with infinite spectral options, DYNA is at home in any research or agtech environment.

HMI - Control and Security

Grow Chamber HMI Control ScreenBiora’s industry-leading control system allows for intuitive programming and web-based management. Enjoy real-time monitoring of all control processes, with the ability to access 12 months’ worth of historical data remotely or via the local HMI screen. The Biora Control System provides the added advantage of security within the chamber. A number of optional security access solutions are available to protect your investment including:
  • Electric smart key lockable door with PIN code or swipe access
  • External IP cameras installed for both security and remote chamber monitoring
  • Internal temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors
  • Easy integration with any existing building management system


  • Web-based software with both local and remote access
  • Real-time monitoring of all control processes
  • 12 months of historical data accessible
  • Limitless customizable programs
  • Customized HMI options and local engineering support
  • Data export and import options
  • Multiple language support
  • Push notifications based on custom alert settings
  • Data protection and security options

Laboratory Standards Compliance

Grow Chamber Biora Walk-In Chambers can be engineered specifically to meet laboratory specifications and standards; including physical containment, bio security and ISO certifications. MineARC Engineers have experience in developing PC2 and BC2 compliant, purpose-built chambers to meet these stringent requirements.


  • Anteroom
  • Coved walls and flooring
  • Bio-security, anti-static vinyl flooring
  • Cleanroom-grade insulated paneling
  • HEPA filtration
  • Plenum to control air distribution (unidirectional and non-unidirectional)
  • Concealed ducting and electrical

Construction and Insulation

Biora Walk-In Chambers are designed for strength and durability, whilst remaining cost effective through the minimisation of steel requirements.

All exterior walls of the Biora Walk-in Growth Chamber are constructed of XFLAM insulated panels, composed of a polyurethane foam core. With a high thermal insulation capacity, the panels will meet the most demanding temperature control requirements; however are available in higher R-Values for extreme climates.

With excellent aesthetics, the panels are easily washable and resistant to chemical spills and corrosion.


MineARC offers a range of entry and exit options, designed to suit the requirements of a Biora Walk-In Chamber.

They are available in two configurations – swinging or sliding; with drop seals and air curtains as an optional inclusion for cleanrooms and
research-grade specifications.

Other options include observation windows, keyed magnetic locks and security ID systems.


Our vinyl flooring is designed to meet the required specifications of each particular chamber, with various grades and colours available.

Flooring is standard on all clean rooms for a hospital-grade result; including coving and high to walls, as well as a specialised corner system
designed to reduce dirt build up.

HVAC and Air Flow

Biora Walk-in Chambers are fitted with specialist HVAC, utilising either air or water cooled systems. All ducted systems are accessible via a
roof plenum to enable easy maintenance and repairs.

The Biora HVAC system has been specifically designed to ensure it can reliably control the environment to satisfy any research-grade
application. Rooms can be controlled as a single zone, or individually; ideal for eliminating micro-climates or enabling different grow areas to
maintain varying temperature, humidity and airflow gradients.

Our Biora chambers are engineered to achieve the correct airflow required for your project – whether it’s unidirectional or non-unidirectional;
horizontal or vertical. A range of filter options including HEPA filtration can be included in the chamber build.

Control Options

Carbon Dioxide and Other gases

The monitoring and control of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) is an optional feature of all Biora Walk-In Chambers. For rapid CO2 removal, MineARC scrubbing technology can be utilized to reduce levels within the system to below 250ppm (0.025%). Alternatively, CO2 enrichment can be included within the chamber.

aura fx compact mount digital gas monitor 2018 render 12

Irrigation and Fertilisation

Automating irrigation improves productivity and plant quality by making irrigation more uniform. MineARC’s drip or ebb flow system can be connected into the HMI allowing different automated irrigation options based on time and light intensity. Different grow areas can have different irrigation rates and frequencies.


Biora Standalone Scrubber

The Biora Stand Alone Scrubber is a compact air regenerative system that ‘scrubs’ carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air within enclosed spaces; allowing for complete control of CO2 levels for research applications. The addition of the system permits an enclosed space that is ventilated from the outside to be converted to a fully isolated, controlled environment.

carbon dioxide CO2 removal scrubbing Biora Scrubber web

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