Algae Growth Chambers

Algae growth chambers play a key role in phycology (the study of algae).

Algae and other aquatic research, has the potential to revolutionise a number of critical industries including pharmaceuticals, biofuels, agriculture and plastic production.

Biora’s range of algae growth chambers include portable walk-in rooms and smaller reach-in chamber options, which can be customised depending on the type of aquatic-based research being performed. 

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Algae Growth Rooms from Biora offer a portable, walk-in solution for phycology and other aquatic-based studies. These Walk-In Chambers provide scientists with the ability to extend their research capabilities, whilst still meeting rigid lab requirements.

Algae Reach-In Chambers from Biora are available in sizes from 240L to 1400L. These RICs come with stainless steel shelving, as well as a range of lighting and atmospheric control options to best suit the conditions required for each particular aquatic research project. 

Chambers for Algae Research

Algae is a photosynthetic plant that grows in water; ranging from ‘macroalgae’ (such as seaweed) to ‘microalgae’. Algae has a diverse range of applications across many industries; making this aquatic plant extremely valuable in it’s own right. For example, it can harvested to substitute ingredients in a range of products, including nutraceuticals, vitamins, food and even fuel.

Algae also:

  • Grows quickly
  • Can be used as an energy source
  • Can consume CO2
  • Can purify wastewaters

Being able to grow and study various forms of algae and other aquatic species in a controlled environment enables researchers to continue to discover benefits of this plant. 

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