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Standard Features

  • Double door Open right and left outside, safety anti-condensation tempered glass observation window with tight cover
  • Biora HMI with LED touchscreen
  • Powder coated Steel exterior
  • Six caster wheels with levelling feet
  • Internal HVAC
  • Stainless Steel or White Coated interior
  • 50mm Insulation

Weight and Dimensions

Volume  700L / compartment 24.72ft3 / compartment
Interior dimensions W1350mm x D740mm x H700mm W53.14″ x D29.13″ x H27.55″
Exterior dimensions W2100mm x D1110mm x H2030mm W82.67″ x D43.7″ x 79.92″
Footprint 2.3 m2 24.78 ft2
Gross Weight 830kgs 1830lbs
Max. load per tray 50kgs 110.2lbs
Max. number of tiers Tiers 2
Growth Area 1 tier: 0.88m2 / 2 tier: 1.76m2 1 tier: 9.47ft2 / 2 tier: 18.95ft2
Growth Height 1 tier: 700mm / 2 tier: 330mm 1 tier: 27.55″ / 2 tier: 13″

Atmosphere Control Specifications

Temperature Control Accuracy 0.1°C 0.2 °F
Temperature Uniformity, at 20°C (68°F) 0.5°C 1 °F
Working Temperature Range, Lights On 10 to 45°C 41 to 113 °F
Working Temperature Range, Lights Off 0 to 60°C 32 to 140 °F
Humidity Setting Accuracy % 1
Humidity Fluctuation, at 80% RH Lights Off % (+/-) 5
Humidity Uniformity, at 80% RH Lights Off % (+/-) 10
Humidity Setting Range, Lights On % 50 – 85
Humidity Setting Range, Lights Off % 50 – 95
Humidifier Type Type Ultrasonic
Ramping Capability for Temperature & Humidity ppm 1

Electrical Specifications

Power Connection Mains cable with plug or NFB
Power Required 230V / 50Hz / 60Hz
Max. Electrical Current 10A
Electrical Safety Overcurrent NFB protection
Compressor Safety Delay start protection, overload alarm

Cooling System

Hot Gas Bypass SystemY
Water- or Air-Cooled CondenserY
Solenoid ValvesY
Defrosting System (Time Adjustable)Y
CFC Free RefrigerantY
Forced Air CirculationBack to front 

LED Compatible

Available Light Types Type Z190 I Z4N / Z41N / Z4WN I Z9 I Z16
PAR pmol/m2, at 15cm PFD <400
Plate Size, Depth 400 mm 15.75″
Plate Size, Width 600 mm 23.62″
Plates per Tier 1
Adjustable Intensity 0 – 100%
Low Heat Load Y
Light Direction Downwards
Uniformity Excellent
Long life Span Y
Channel Control 1 Channel
Fully Programmable Y

Reach-In Chambers Technology

HMI - Control and Security

Grow Chamber HMI Control ScreenBiora’s industry-leading control system allows for intuitive programming and web-based management. Enjoy real-time monitoring of all control processes, with the ability to access 12 months’ worth of historical data remotely or via the local HMI screen. The Biora Control System provides the added advantage of security within the chamber. A number of optional security access solutions are available to protect your investment including:
  • Electric smart key lockable door with PIN code or swipe access
  • External IP cameras installed for both security and remote chamber monitoring
  • Internal temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors
  • Easy integration with any existing building management system


  • Web-based software with both local and remote access
  • Real-time monitoring of all control processes
  • 12 months of historical data accessible
  • Limitless customizable programs
  • Customized HMI options and local engineering support
  • Data export and import options
  • Multiple language support
  • Push notifications based on custom alert settings
  • Data protection and security options


Regardless of the chamber’s size or configuration, MineARC can build a customised lighting solution that will meet client specifications and spectrum requirements. Our engineers can provide varying levels of lighting control; all accessible from the chamber’s HMI and remote control system.

MineARC offers a range of LED lights of varying intensities; providing complete flexibility for any project. MineARC’s engineers and lighting partners can advise clients on the best lighting solution for their application.


  • Custom LED lighting design based on requirements
  • Control over canopy, intensity and spectrum for day time and seasonal replication
  • Single and multi-tier opportunities
  • Optional high-quality built-in light measurement equipment for refinement of testing conditions

Lighting Specifications

Model Intensity (umols -1m-2 @150mm) LUX (lx) Voltage (V) Colour Size (mm)
LED SUN LIGHT Z4N 700 22454 110/220 Adjustable 40 x 60
LED SUN LIGHT Z4N1 700 21113 110/220 Adjustable 40 x 60
LED SUN LIGHT Z4NW 700 56653 110/220 Day Light 40 x 60
LED Z9 1300 72096 110/220 Adjustable 40 x 60
LED SUN LIGHT Z190 400 31891 110/220 Day Light 40 x 60

Lighting Spectrum Data

Model Blue (400-500) Green (500-600) Red (600-700) IR (700-800) IRR (W/m2) W λp (nm)
LED SUN LIGHT Z4N 450nm ±10nm 550nm ±10nm 660nm ±10nm 730nm ±10nm 254.0 400nm – 700nm 453
LED SUN LIGHT Z4N1 450nm ±10nm 660nm ±10nm 730nm ±10nm 238.6 400nm – 700nm 657
LED SUN LIGHT Z4NW 400nm – 500nm 500nm – 600nm 600nm – 700nm 700nm ±10nm 218.4 400nm – 700nm 468
LED Z9 425nm – 450nm 525nm 625nm – 660nm 730nm 426.9 350nm – 800nm 449
LED SUN LIGHT Z190 400nm – 500nm 500nm – 600nm 600nm – 700nm 700nm ±10nm 107.2 400nm – 700nm 571

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