Arabidopsis Chambers

Arabidopsis chambers are designed to optimise the growth of Arabidopsis thaliana, with a focus on consistency and replicability.

With high control over temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and light intensity, Biora Arabidopsis chambers are able to finely manipulate the internal environment while exporting experiment data for live analysis.

Our range of Reach-In Chambers allows organizations to easily fit Arabidopsis or other low-light plant research requirements into their facilities, whilst still adding enough controlled growing space to conduct experiments effectively and efficiently.

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Ideal for outdoor locations, the fully portable design of Biora Arabidopsis Chambers and Greenhouses eliminates the hassle of on-site installation and certification.

Available in a range of sizes, from 240L to 1400L, Biora Reach-In Plant Growth Chambers come with stainless steel shelving, as well as a range of premium lighting options. 

Arabidopsis Chambers in Research Studies

Arabidopsis thaliana or Thale Cress, has been used by scientists and researchers for decades in the fields of genetics and molecular biology.  

Plants in the Arabidopsis genus are incredibly versatile and well understood, making them one of the most frequently used plant varieties in a diverse range of scientific experiments. Researchers often turn to plants like the thale cress and other members of the Arabidopsis genus to conduct tests of new products or growth approaches, as changes can be easily identified throughout the growth of the plant. 

Whole Plant Arabidopsis (WPA) Chamber provides scientists with a novel tool for exploring photosynthetic capacity, respiration rates and other gas exchange parameters.

In many research settings, Arabidopsis is cultured in small containers filled with a peat-based planting medium that is kept at or near water saturation. These plants are grown indoors in rooms or in growth cabinets with low light levels.

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