Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental test chambers are designed to allow for the manipulation of environmental conditions within an enclosed space in order to run controlled tests on a product.

The ability to test a subject in any environment it might face in real-world scenarios is key to the modern day R&D and product development cycle. Test chambers can provide businesses and their consumers with the confidence that their products are capable of performing as they should once released to market. 

Environment testing can take into account a wide range of variable conditions, including extreme temperatures, thermal shock, altitude, relative humidity, vibration, radiation, corrosion, salt spray, rain, wind, sun exposure, and vacuum.

The correct type of environmental test chamber for any application will depend on the product itself, the conditions required, the lab space available, and the standards to which the product is being tested. Explore our range of environment testing rooms and reach-in chambers below. 

Product Enquiry

Environmental Testing Rooms from Biora offer a portable, walk-in solution to any product testing requirement. These transportable rooms offer businesses the ability to situate their facility in any location without the need for civil construction. 

Environmental Testing Reach-In Chambers from Biora are available in a range of sizes, from 240L to 1400L. These test chambers offer a selection of shelving, lighting and atmospheric control options to best suit the conditions required.

Environment Testing in Product Development

Can a product withstand the exposure of the intended environment?

Environmental testing via the use of a room or chamber can help to simulate the different climatic conditions and mechanical stresses that a product may be exposed to during it’s lifetime.

Test chambers are designed to create an artificial environment within an enclosed space. When used and maintained properly, they will generate reliable results that simulate the performances of the product in its real life cycle.

Some common examples of when an environmental test chamber is critical to a product’s long-term success include:

  • Food and drink testing to determine the shelf life and best before date of products
  • Cosmetic or pharmaceutical products that are subject to strict regulations
  • Aerospace, defence and telecommunications sectors that require extreme temperature or shock testing
  • Building materials that are subjected to continuous environmental stressors

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