Explore Biora’s range of products across a variety of applications – from tissue culture, to environmental testing, to plant quarantine and beyond. All products are either manufactured at one of our three ISO-accredited facilities in Western Australia, Dallas and Johannesburg; or sourced from reputable suppliers across the globe.

Explore Our Range of Applications

Tissue culture chambers are designed to facilitate plant research by providing uniform environmental conditions.

Incubation chambers are used to maintain and cultivate plant and microbiological cells in a a contaminant-free environment.

Environmental test chambers are designed to allow for the manipulation of environmental conditions to run tests on a product.

Insect rearing chambers provide scientists the means to raise and study insects within a controlled environment.

Plant growth chambers are capable of catering towards a range of agricultural applications, from food cultivation to research studies.

Algae growth chambers play a key role in phycology (the study of algae); useful in pharmaceuticals, biofuels, agriculture and plastic production.

Arabidopsis chambers are designed to optimise the growth of Arabidopsis thaliana, with a focus on consistency and replicability.

Germination chambers are designed for the rapid planting, seeding and growth of plants used in scientific experiments.

Plant quarantine facilities enable the safe introduction of new germplasm by preventing the presentation of destructive pests and diseases.

Field study chambers provide plant researchers and breeders with the necessary infrastructure to screen and test on-site in live conditions. 

Pharmacology laboratories are cleanroom facilities designed to enable the development of medicines and alternative therapies. 

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