About us

Biora Controlled Environments are developed by MineARC Systems; the global leader in the design and manufacture of life-saving refuge chambers for mining, petrochemical & tunnelling construction. 

MineARC Systems has been at the forefront of controlled environment design, development, and manufacture for twenty years. During this time, we have strived to improve the health and safety standards within the mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief, and extreme weather industries worldwide. MineARC Systems’ industry leading refuge chambers and safe havens are present in over 60countries and have been used in multiple real-life emergencies to keep occupants safe.

Our key focus on quality control and product development has meant that all MineARC Refuge Chambers and Safe Havens comply with the highest international regulations and recognized ‘world’s best practice’ industry-guidelines.

In-house research and development, with our team of engineers, electrical designers and technical experts has allowed us to branch out into multiple industries over the years. Our knowledge and proficiencies have now given us the opportunity to gain recognition beyond our refuge chambers and safe havens and expand into the science and research industries.

As advocates of innovation, our dedication to ongoing research and development is driven by our emphasis on client satisfaction. MineARC listens and understands the needs of our clients, whilst never compromising on safety and quality. Placing high importance on building strong relationships with our clients allows us to develop unique and customized solutions. This approach enables us to improve research and growth facilities, reduce costs and simplify operations.

MineARC’s manufacturing facilities in the United States, Australia, and Africa, as well as offices in Europe, China, Mexico, and Chile, allow us to provide local technical support to all clients.

A Biora Growth Chamber is a perfect solution for controlled environment agriculture and climatic stability testing. Our range of Walk-In, Reach-In and Custom chambers are designed for applications across tissue culture, incubation, environment testing, insect rearing, plant growth, algae, arabidopsis, quaratine and pharmacology.

Holistic designs. Intuitive systems.

Growing partnerships, inspiring ideas.

We will continue to be a pioneer of new controlled environment technology.

Regulations Conformity

Biora can design and manufacture controlled environments to comply with various standards and classes including:

  • ISO 14644-1
  • GMP EU
  • British Standards 5295
  • Therapeutic Goods Association
Standards compliance

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