Custom Field Study Chambers

As a leader in controlled environment technology, Biora’s Field Study Chambers provide an innovative solution to support strong, leading research initiatives.

Research infrastructure and equipment are the foundation for delivering project benefits, reportable outcomes, and remaining current in the fast-paced nature of scientific studies.

Develop your facility’s core equipment and capabilities through Biora’s range of established or custom-designed research infrastructure. Create tailored controlled environments for plant growth, scientific, or medical research.

Customising research infrastructure with Biora will remove speculation over the proficiency of equipment; allowing you to focus on detail and delivery of results.

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Custom Field Study Chambers Form

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Engineering Services

As part of MineARC’s Client Support Program, Biora’s in-house team will provide expert guidance through product development, implementation, and on-going care.

The company’s highly qualified engineers span three continents to form a global network. Working from our manufacturing operations in Australia, South Africa and the United States, the team share skills, knowledge and research regularly, resulting in efficient problem resolution and strong idea generation.

At times, existing infrastructure or equipment may not offer the specific capabilities required by researchers. Biora provides the opportunity to work alongside a leading team of engineers, to design, develop and refine bespoke research infrastructure to meet niche client requirements. Upgrades, or retrofits, can be also be made to existing structures to accommodate technological changes and research direction.

Biora Field Study Heat Chambers provide plant researchers and breeders with the necessary infrastructure to screen and test heat tolerances on site. 

Biora Field Study Research Modules provides researchers with world-class facilities that can be positioned on the doorstep of any crop field.

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